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“I started with Kim Larosa and Powell Fitness in June of 2008. I went into the studio with a goal of getting in shape for my upcoming May of 2009 wedding. I have known Kim for years and knew she was the best person for the job! When I walked into Powell Fitness, I knew instantly this was going to be a perfect fit. I was not sure of my goal when I started, but after 10 months of hard work, perseverance, and dedication I have surpassed my goals. Kim started with small changes for me, nothing too great. I wanted to be sure that I was going to stick with it. Kim constantly assured me and supported me through my journey. Each month we decided to take my measurements. Kim had warned me that I might hit a plateau through our journey; however, with our hard work and her dedication I am proud to say that I never hit a plateau. Kim’s workouts were never boring, always keeping my best interest and my goals in mind. It was her heart, patience, dedication and most of all friendship that gave me the power to lose 22.25 total inches and 22 pounds in 10 short months. Kim and Powell Fitness are a part of my life now and I could not imagine working out anywhere else.”

– Rachel Blanton

“I went to Powell Fitness looking for direction to get in shape for my wedding, what I found in Sally Kennedy was that and more. With Sally’s instruction, I learned so much about strength training and so many new workouts. She went over and above to help me with healthy eating and I genuinely look forward to each session with her as she has become not only my trainer, but a sounding board for all that was going on in my life, as well as a friend. After 5 months I have lost 10 lbs and several inches on my body and am THRILLED with the way I looked on my wedding day, I really couldn’t ask for more!”



“I have worked with Kim as my trainer for over ten years. During this time I have had bilateral hip replacements, bilateral knee replacements and a fused foot. Had it not been for Kim and her extensive knowledge and patience in working with people who are physically challenged, I would not be as flexible nor would I be walking as well as I am today. Kim knows exactly what works best to aid each client with their own unique situation as well as how to motivate them to perform the tasks.”  

– Pat Martin


“started with Kim at Powell Fitness two years ago after I had had back surgery and had lost a lot of muscle strength in my core and legs due to some nerve damage. I intended on seeing her for rehab mostly so I thought I would be done after a few months. What I found was that I enjoyed it so much and she pushed me to do things I hadn’t done in years that I started having her work on weight loss and strength training and here I am two years later and still see her weekly. This is the first work out program I’ve ever stuck to and I have completely changed my lifestyle. Kim is the first person that really convinced me that this was not something I could do temporarily but I had to commit to the lifestyle of eating healthy and working out, especially as I get older. I’ve lost approximately 25 pounds and am probably in the best shape of my life as far as tone and strength..”  

– Beth Johnston


“Kim has been my trainer for over 8 years. I had worked with other trainers before, and none were as knowledgeable and as professional as Kim! She has seen me through many injuries, and has always known exactly what I could tolerate and what exercises I could do at home to get stronger. One of her gifts is the ability to adjust her “coaching” style to her client. She knows she needs to gently “push” me and remind me of what I need to do on my own to improve my strength and flexibility! After working with her for such a long time we have formed a friendship that I value. It makes the training sessions alot of fun for both of us! I highly recommend Kim for anyone who wants to stay in shape or get in shape! No matter how bad the economy gets, I hope to never have to give up this important part of my life!”  

– Megan Davies


“I began working out with Kim about 12 years ago. My original goal was to lose weight and get in shape. I had gotten to a size 10 and said “This is enough”. I was on the Apex food plan at the gym and received a couple sessions free with Kim. I was very faithful with the workouts and food plan; seeing instant results! I was down to a size 6 within a couple months. So, I was hooked and have been with Kim ever since. Over the course of 12 years, she has rehabbed me through 2 total hip replacements. For both surgeries, I was back in the gym after 8 weeks! I now workout with Kim 1.5 hours a week to maintain. It has been fun to see Kim grow and own her own business. Many people don’t get to pursue a passion and be successful, but Kim was persistent and driven to succeed!.”  

– Nancy Groves

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