A third component of fitness is making sure that your program is constantly changing. Not only to keep it fresh and to keep you mentally engaged, but also to prevent plateaus by challenging your body with each new workout. We utilize different types of equipment that challenge your balance and stability. Or, we might add in plyometric activities such as box jumps or jumping rope to help in athletic performance.

Versatile Gym Equipment Ohio

We can also incorporate boxing style bag work or glove work to develop speed and help in upper body development. Challenging yourself with different pieces of equipment or new styles of training keeps your program fun and fresh and we bring you the newest pieces of equipment that come into the fitness industry. Some of these pieces of equipment are:

  • BOSU trainers
  • Stability balls
  • Glider discs
  • TRX training straps
  • Versadiscs
  • Jump boxes
  • Ladder training equipment
  • Heavy bag and other boxing equipment
  • Sports specific training area