Sally Keener, Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Polarity Practitioner

Sally has been with Powell Fitness since it first opened. She has been a body worker (massage and polarity therapy) since 1998. She received her massage therapy training from The American Institute of Alternative Medicine (Columbus, Ohio) and her polarity therapy training from The Columbus Polarity Therapy Institute (now known as Ohio Institute of Energetic Studies).

Licensed Massage Therapy Ohio

Sally also has trained in neuromuscular therapy (trigger point therapy), reflexology, and lymphatic drainage. She has focused on clients with pain stemming from various sources such as overexertion, stress, headaches, fibromyalgia (and related conditions), TMJ, and more. She has observed what great relief from pain can be obtained through massage - especially when used on an ongoing basis.

Aside from pain relief, massage is good for preventative care as well as anti-aging. For those working out, massage keeps muscles flexible, lengthened, and functioning with full range of motion. As far as anti-aging, massage develops the collagen and elastin in the skin, increases circulation of blood and lymph throughout the body's tissues and helps eliminate toxins.

A massage session with Sally will focus on your needs on that particular day and may vary from session to session as your needs change. She is well versed on many different methods and will choose what is right for your particular situation.

With a background in conventional medicine, Sally has combined her knowledge and experience from her years in a hospital setting with her strong beliefs in alternative medicine into the career she has today.

Sally has a degree from Kettering College of Medical Arts in Respiratory Therapy. She has worked in both small and large hospitals and served as a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Coordinator helping people with lung diseases learn how to cope on a daily basis.

For ten years, Sally worked as a medical recruiter (also know as a "headhunter") placing medical physicists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists in cancer centers, community hospitals, and university hospitals across the country.

This background makes Sally all the more committed to solid healthcare practices including adequate exercise and massage.