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Pascale Lercangee Education

BS in Biochemistry, Groep T university, Leuven Belgium
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
AFI Certified Personal Trainer
American Heart Association AED & CPR certified

Pascale Lercangee Experience

  • 10 years Health club assistant manager
  • 14 years Personal Trainer
  • 10 years Corporate Fitness Trainer
  • 12 years field hockey
  • 9 years competitive power lifting
  • 1 year duathlon
  • 5 years competitive cycling

Personal Biography of Pascale Lercangee

Pascale came to the U.S. from Belgium in 1995. She obtained a bachelors degree in biochemistry in Belgium. But after 5 years as a technical engineer in a sales position, her heart and passion brought her to Columbus to pursue a career in Personal Training. She worked at World Gym as assistant manager and personal trainer, while pursuing her personal passion power lifting. She competed for 9 years and she nationally ranked top 4 for 3 consecutive years in the 132lbs and 148lbs weight class. Her best total 1070lbs in the squat, bench and deadlift still makes the All Time Historical Top 50 American Women listing. The last 6 years that passion turned 1800 when she began competing in duathlons and then in cycling races.

Since she started her own Personal Training business, her goal is to focus on the "Personal" approach of fitness training. In search to motivate and educate her clients about health and fitness, she knows every person has different needs and focuses to emphasize those needs. The need for convenience and privacy of training clients at Powell Fitness and at her client’s home’s inspired her again to focus on the individual and provide the best possible training program and coaching.

Balance in life between family, work, personal development and emotional growth is essential in pursuit of happiness. Pascale will teach and help you to develop the mental motivation and discipline necessary to change your body and mind the way that you want.