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About Powell Fitness Gym in Columbus, Ohio


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our website. My name is Kim LaRosa and I am the owner of Powell Fitness Gym. I have been in the fitness industry for over 25 years and have worn many “hats” through those years.

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I never thought that I would want to open my own fitness facility but I felt that the facilities available did not serve the needs of people looking to incorporate fitness into their lifestyles. Most facilities only catered to the people that were already what you would call fitness fanatics…people that were already working out in gyms and who felt comfortable in any fitness environment.

What about the rest of the population???

Not only am I the owner of Powell Fitness Gym but I am also one of the personal trainers that works here also—that being said, the facility need to meet my standards as an owner and most importantly as a trainer. We have been open since 2006 and the qualities that separate us from other clubs are as follows:

Atmosphere. We have worked hard to create a fun and inviting environment that is not intimidating to the new to fitness person but that is also conducive to training an athlete or a traditional “gym rat“.

Private. By having 4000 square feet of floor space, the facility is large enough so that wait time for equipment is never an issue and you can feel comfortable knowing that you are not in a fish bowl facility with onlookers and gawkers since we are not a membership club jam-packed with members.
Clean and well-maintained. One my of biggest pet-peeves was working in a facility that was filled with dirty equipment, dirty floors and out-of-order signs on pieces of equipment. Our facility is cleaned weekly, the service on equipment is done quickly and there are never out-of- order signs anywhere!!! We take pride in our facility and it shows in the cleanliness of the facility and without the typical wear and tear on equipment that you would see in a traditional membership club.

Powell Fitness Gym in Columbus

Powell Fitness Gym has surpassed even my expectations as a fitness facility—it has become a place that people reach their fitness goals and continue to incorporate fitness into their lives at many different levels. At any given time-you could look around at the group of people in the gym and see a client rehabbing a hip replacement—a client on the leg press with over 900lbs—a young teen athlete doing box jumps and everyone is having a positive and healthy experience with their individual trainers and looking forward to their next workout at Powell Fitness. I feel that this is what a fitness facility should provide for the people that come through it’s doors: a positive environment where the focus is solely on your personal fitness goals and our ability to keep you on track to meet those goals.

Phone: +1 614-216-8972
Powell, OH 43065, USA
3967 Presidential Pkwy